One of the most attractions is camel desert ride and the best choice for those who want to experience rural desert life, traditions and local foods. Find a camel farm, admire the handcrafted saddles, enjoy traditional Arabic coffee or tea while feeling pleasure of camel rid. It gives a perfect opportunity for nature photographers. As camel rid is on from when the sun is at the distant and the outside ambience is a pretty cool for a ride. And this is the perfect time for photography. Desert life is more vibrant during that time.

    Choose from a wide range of Camel ride Doha Qatar packages and
    • Discover the desert landscape of Doha Qatar and enjoy a 1-hour camel ride over the sand dunes
    • Get to know the peaceful animals and experience the secure feeling on the handcrafted saddles
    • Experience a piece of Arab tradition on the farm belonging to Bedouins and enjoy the hospitality with coffee and tea

    Camel ride is a great way to explore the fascinating desert landscapes and discover Islamic traditions while devouring at local cuisines. Visit a camel farmhouse to set off on a camel trip to the desert of Doha Qatar.

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    Doha Qatar Private Tour has a network of leading camel firms across Doha Qatar. SO where you stay is not matter. We will find you a firm offering camel ride near your hotel. And camel ride packages provide you with a guide who will company you during your trip to help you have a hassle-free great experience.

    Camels are trained and camel masters very cordial and pleasant to approach. However, with our tour packages for camel ride, a guide is with you. The best time to kick off a camel trip is after 4 in the evening. This is the time when sun not so intense and temperature has significantly gone down.

    Typically camel ride packages include:
    • 1-hour camel ride including Arabic coffee and tea
    • Private return transfer to the hotel
    • Hotel pick up and drop off
    • Safari Guide
    • Stop for a refreshments as noted in the itinerary
    • A glass of bubbly or sparkling date juice (during religious holidays sparkling date juice will be served)
    • A portion of your fees supports local desert conservation
    Experience the desert in the best possible light on a camel ride. A trip on the sheep of the desert, i.e. camel is an exciting way to see the desert flora and fauna. Choose a camel ride tour at Doha Qatar Private Tour and enjoy:
    • A trail-style, guided camel ride through the Doha Qatar Desert Conservation Reserve
    • Spot Arabian wildlife like the Arabian Oryx
    • Learn about the remarkable dromedary camel and desert wildlife
    • Great photo opportunities